Friday, August 9, 2013

Benefits of Turn-key Marketing

Marketing a business is a demanding endeavor and the expansion of marketing techniques and tactics only amplifies the challenges. The marketing challenge is even more taxing for smaller businesses, where the owner or manager must not only find ways to market the business, but do so while trying to run the business at the same time. For businesses where the time spent trying to develop marketing collateral and get that collateral into the right channels is costing the business more time and money that the marketing is making the business, a turn-key marketing system can be the right solution.

Turn-key marketing systems typically include a high-level of automation intended to deliver your marketing material on a schedule in several ways, such as emails to your customer list, posts to social media and blogs, and even direct mail. They can also include pre-made websites designed around SEO best practices or options to optimize your website.

Turn-key systems aim to minimize or eliminate the technical competencies and logistics of getting your marketing into the world, leaving you time to focus more on marketing content and running your business. Some turn-key providers will work with the business to help develop individualized text and graphics, or incorporate existing marketing copy and graphical elements directly into the system. This individualization helps the business avoid confusing customers by creating a level of continuity between what the business had already achieved in marketing terms and where the system will take the business in the future.

The systematic and scheduled nature of turn-key systems also helps businesses to build momentum by catching customers at multiple touch points over time. It can take as many as 12 interactions with marketing materials before customers make any purchase decision and a failure to follow up over time often means an automatic default to not buying. While consistent follow up is not guarantee of a future sale, it significantly increases the odds in your favor.

Turn-key marketing systems help businesses to limit the amount of time they must spend managing individual elements of the marketing process and allows them to focus more on the big picture elements, like consistent positioning and branding. For businesses that struggle with the technical and logistical side of marketing, Tier 3 in Scottsdale, Arizona can provide a turn-key system structured around your business.

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