Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Five9 Review

After using a variety of call center options, it was very pleasing to come across Five9. An all-in-one service, Five9 offers many of the functions needed by small and big business, as well as non-profit organizations. The best thing about Five9 is how cost effective it is in comparison to other services that claim to do the same thing, while not offering nearly as much as Five9 does.

Whether you are looking to set up your call center needs domestically or offshore, Five9 offers unparalleled options. Customers hate being put on hold for hours, only to find out they have been transferred to the incorrect department or person. The automatic call distribution system by Five9 is continually building to maximize results. When there is a long wait for the next available representative, the service allows users to leave a message or request a follow-up call. For those looking to stay on the line, information pertaining to their wait time comforts any dismay they may have while waiting.

In order to assure that your callers get directed to the correct department, the Customer-Telephony Integration provided by Five9 will ask all the correct questions in order to get the right answers. The way their database stores information makes it easier for customers who have called before to be seen to more effectively, while allowing representatives to have a better understanding of why the person has called before. This feature boosts positive customer feedback, but also cuts down on potential fraudulent customers.

Also offered by the Five9 system is a top of the line text-to-speech service. With the implementation of smartphones with touchscreens, selecting numbers is not always the easiest. This is especially true in hands free situations, like driving a car or working on something important. The text-to-speech service offers callers the opportunity to verbally say what it is they are looking for and get the best resources available to meet that request. With a state of the art system, Five9 servers are continually updating their text database to understand better what customers are saying and looking for. Customers feel comfortable and pleased to know their call is being directed correctly, without disrupting what they may currently be doing. Furthermore, it allows customers to put less emphasis on the amount of time they are waiting, by feeling that they are already having their requests dealt with.

Five9 offers great resources for outbound calling as well. Their predictive dialer will automatically call contacts using their system awareness to determine which agents are available first. And in order to fill out non-party contacts, their power dialer will call multiple contacts simultaneously. It has never been easier to contact your customers to deliver information that is important to them. All of this is done without wasting your time, by assuring that the customers you contact are available to you.

A great service that really benefits the offshore centers, the agent scripting services offered by Five9 represents the consistency of your company. The script will allow callers to delivery script tailored information that pertains to each individual call. Your customers will feel as if each message is directly tailored to them, rather than a generic message that they quickly hang up on.

The Five9 program also makes it easier than ever to contact missed calls or scheduled callbacks. Sometimes callers will be contacted at an inconvenient time and request to be called back again. Five9 allows those calls to be programmed into a schedule that assures they will not be forgotten or lost. Your customers will appreciate the effort you show to work around the convenience of their schedule.

Five9 offers service that has long been looked for. They make it easy and convenient to reach out to customers in a more efficient way. You will save so much time with Five9, time that can be better spent doing more important things for your business or organization.

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